Protect Eman al-Obaidi from Gaddafi

Protect Eman al-Obaidi from Gaddafi



Eman al-Obaidi courageously pleaded for help from journalists in a Tripoli hotel on March 26, 2011 only to be tackled by Gaddafi security forces and taken away. Her condition and whereabouts are not known. We are appealing to human rights groups and the Office of the High Commission of Human Rights at the United Nations and the Turkish Consulate to do whatever possible to secure her relsease. Please help by signing the petition and sharing it widely.

According to the Independent:
A harrowing but unusually public glimpse of the ugly face of Muammar Gaddafi’s police state was afforded yesterday by security men who seized a distraught Libyan woman as she complained of multiple rape by militiamen. Security agents forced her into a car after a brawl in which at least two journalists were attacked and one had his camera smashed. Before she was taken away, the woman shouted: „They say they are taking me to hospital, but they are taking me to prison.

„She shouted to reporters that she had been raped „by 15 men“. Look what they did to me“, she screamed, „Gaddafi’s men. As soon as I am done here they will take me to prison. They violated my honour [the common Arabic expression for rape]. I am not scared of anything. I will be locked up immediately after this. Look at my face. Look at my back. All of my body is bruised.“

She lifted the skirt to show bruises and lacerations on her right thigh, and shouted that they were the work of Gaddafi loyalists.

(Much of the text of the appeal and petition was taken directly from The Independent article filed by Donald Macintyre in Tripoli).

follow up story filed March 27, 2011



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