Protest to V.P. EU for ext. Action Cathy Ashton

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Madam Cathy Ashton


I protest as civilian of germany, that you do not enough for the life of the democratic people in mediterranean and near-east.

The EU-parliament and the states of EU makes great business by selling military weapons and make profit.

Weapons to the states, which are in confrontation. Connections to get Oil.  Blood for oil !


What kind of Help ??

Gaddafi , Mubarak, Israel govmt. uses these weapons against unarmed people !!

Where is your political moral, where is your spirit of European humanity ?

Know you what J.W. Goethe wrote 1819.

He wrote for the community und unity of orient and occident.

But you do not enough or nothing.

You disturbe and hurt this principals of humanity.

The future of orient and occident is only in unity, in equal partnership – not in the game plan in looting the resources.

Go with you – go with god and protect the people.

Wolfgang Theophil

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  1. per - iphone von lybien
    21. Februar 2011 at 23:17

    Etwa 1500 Vermisste, 2000 Verletzte und mehr als 600 Tote

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